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There is a special multi-step process to fix this... Professional Stucco Cutting for Moisture permeation prevention is a must!"

No, Termites aren’t officially the “State Bug”. But if you needed a reminder… THIS is it. Termites are one of Florida Homeowner’s worst nightmares. The weather is cooling off now, termites are getting all snuggly warm in our walls and eating away. When it gets warm again we will see them swarming looking for another landing place to call home and multiply… don’t let them in when they come knocking!

I was at a WDO & Home Inspection today, in the lovely World Golf Village in beautiful St. Augustine. While I was waiting for the inspectors to finish their jobs, I was noticing the stucco mess on the house next door. There were “settling cracks” all over that wall. And it was a two story, so the wall was gigantic. It made me think. So I asked the WDO Inspector, Todd, what his thoughts were on all those cracks we see on all stucco homes. Our chat moved from not just those kinds of cracks, but the cracks you see in foundations, chimneys, any kind of siding, and even driveways.

And he reminded me… like I am reminding you… Termites are looking for moisture, warmth & food. If there is a crack that can lead them to food (wood), then they will follow that crack as far as it will take them. Cracks in walls & around windows get hit by rain, sprinklers, humidity… cracks in foundations let the termites come up under your carpet and track to the nearest two by four or hard wood floor panel. Do you see where I’m going with this? Termites WILL find a way into your home. You HAVE to take the time to inspect the outside and inside of your home for holes and cracks. PLUS, you have to take the time and expense and get a qualified professional Pest Company to treat and inspect your home once a year to make sure your most valuable asset isn’t being eaten right out from under you.

Doesn't matter the material... if there's a crack, the weather and the termites can get it

So, PLEASE… make sure your sprinklers aren’t hitting the house, all cracks and holes on the exterior of your house are caulked, and occassionally walk the perimeter of your home to check for any kind of siding and window trim damage. (OH! Windows! Another topic for you soon!) But most of all… make the call for a professional pest control company to come and inspect properly and to treat your property once a year. It will prove to be a massive investment in your Investment. Trust me. I know… Personally and Professionally.

This was written by : Cindi Benton



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