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Jacksonvilles Flooring Craftsman.


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This is my YouTube channel.. I will be posting a lot of how-to videos and also videos of my life, my love and my friends.  You will see pictures of my latest jobs. So you will be able to get ideas for your own home.  Give us a call if you have any questions. (904)891-8340.  Free estimates and advice are a phone call away.





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These are some floors that have been completed in the Jacksonville Florida area. We have been working hard to make many home very beautiful and comfortable to live in. If you are tired of that old carpet give us a call. If your hardwood has been down for a while or if you have water damage we can fix that for you. Especially water damage because mold can be growing where the dampness is. If you have any questions give us a call. (904)891-8340.

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This is a remodel in Jacksonville Florida

1. Do you have General Liability insurance?

2. Are you in possession of a workers compensation policy?

3. How many years have you been in business?

4. Why do I have to give a deposit for installation?

5.Do you have all the business and contractor licenses in this county?

6. Are you going to perform a moisture test?

7. Are you an American Citizen?

8. How long will this floor installation take?

9. Does my hardwood need to acclimate to my house?

10.When will we be able to walk on the new floor?

These are important questions to ask all contractors you hire. If a contractor is not licensed or insured that could come back and hurt you. There are a lot of so-called contractors that are getting deposits and never coming back. I want to raise every ones awareness on this scheme. If you have any other questions cal (904)891-8340 or visit website: http://www.theflooringcraftsman.com

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Today hand scraped hardwood flooring is becoming extremely popular in Jacksonville Florida  homes and other homes around the country,

Jacksonville Beach , Florida

A Beautiful Great room..

as well as in some commercial properties. Although this type of flooring has only recently become fashionable it has been around for many centuries.

Certainly before the invention of modern sanding techniques all floors where hand scraped at the location where they were to be installed to ensure that the floor would be flat and even. However today this method is used instead to provide texture, richness as well as a unique look and feel to the flooring.

Although manufacturers have produced machines which can provide a scraped look to their flooring it looks cheap compared to the real thing. Unfortunately the main problem with using a machine to scrape the flooring is that it provides a uniform look to the pattern of the wood. Because of this it lacks the natural feel that you would see with a floor which has been scraped by hand.

When done by hand, scraping creates a truly unique look to the floor. However the actual look and feel of each floor will vary as it depends on the skills of the person actually carrying out the work. If there is no control in place whilst the work is being carried out this can result in disastrous look to the finished product.

Many manufacturers who actually provide hand scraped hardwood flooring will either just dent, scoop or rough the floor up. But others will use sanding techniques in order to create a worn and uneven look to the flooring. The more professional teams will scrape the entire surface of the wood in order to create the unique hand made look for their customers.

Many companies will allow their customers to choose what type of scraping takes place on their wood. They can choose between light, medium and heavy. The companies who are really good at hand scraping will be able give the hardwood floor a reclaimed look by including wormholes, splits and other naturally-occurring features within the wood.

If you decide that you want the Hand-Scraped look you can find some high quality floors as low as $4.99 sq ft.  Visit our website http://www.theflooringcraftsman.com

Or call (904)891-8340

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“Help me!” This is a common plea from homeowners who tried to be a do-it-yourselfer, who tried to save a buck and install their own hardwood floor. With limited time, money & knowledge they thought a quick trip to the big box store to get a few tips or extensive research on the internet via YouTube would make them a weekend installer of their coveted distressed Maple hardwood floor. Countless home improvement television programs show regular Joes remodeling successfully so why wouldn’t the same work for them?

It just isn’t that easy. Installing a hardwood floor is a lot of work and takes a good deal of experience to do it correctly and in a timely and cost efficient manner. Professional hardwood flooring installers take pride in their work and know a secret—they can actually save you money!

Professional hardwood flooring installers measure areas to include waste and other overages that do-it-yourselfers sometimes miss. They take into account the sub-floor and the conditions of that floor. They calculate the correct amount of adhesives and trims and all the other things that make a hardwood floor look beautiful and perform for a lifetime. They don’t want extra waste. They want to leave the job without boxes of unused Brazilian cherry flooring or adhesive. They don’t want to waste valuable time ordering more wood, additional trims or working on the subfloor surfaces. They want to get the job done right the first time, from the minute you order the wood so they can get out to their next job.

Homeowners can often overlook things like overages, waste and subfloor conditions. If the floor is installed under poor conditions it can gap and lead to creaking and other problems with the floor. Not installing a floor properly can void warranties and cost the homeowner lots of money. Leave hardwood floor installation to the professionals, they will save you time, money and aggravation!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

Visit our website: http://www.theflooringcraftsman.com  or Call (904)891-8340

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We are a medium sized flooring installation company specializing in hardwood, ceramic tile and laminate flooring. We also install carpet, VCT( commercial tile) and linoleum. We have over 25 years in the flooring trade and other construction jobs. Fully insured and licensed. FREE estimates. No job is too small. If you are in the market for a new floor give us a call 904-891-8340 or visit our website: http://www.theflooringcraftsman.com

We also do all trim

  • Baseboard
  • crowne
  • chair rail
  • shoe molding

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