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When choosing a floor there are many things to consider. A lot of times people wonder if they have a dog what type of floor will work for them. Or how a floor will react to kids. Rest assure there is a floor for all situations. If you have older carpet that probably needs to go. Especially if you have pets. A lot of dust and allergens embed themselves in the carpet and padding. Depending on how old the carpet is will determine how much trouble is hiding under your carpet. You can replace the old carpet with new. Make sure you get rid of the old pad too. If you decide to good with carpet again there are thousands of  types and colors to choose from. The best thing to do is give me a call and I will help you decide which carpet is best for you (904)891-8340 . If you are out of my area I would suggest a smaller type flooring store. You will get a more personalized experience. You won’t be treated like a sale. Sometimes in the bigger stores you won’t get that. The little money you save won’t be worth the trouble they put you thru. Also always check out warranty issues when you do chose a store. A lot of the bigger stores have huge warranty problems.

If you decide on hardwood we will have to find the best one for what you need in a floor. Some wood floors with a high shine are not very good if you have large pets. The finish will stay, but you may get scratched in the polyurethane . In Florida we mostly use engineered hardwood. That means there are a few different layers. This illustration show the different layers. The high gloss floors have a very eloquent look and can be very durable. Some Hardwood floors look very nice and can be bought at a very good price, later to find out that the wear layer was very thin or only 2-3 coats of polyurethane were applied. It is my opinion with hardwood you truly get what you paid for. This is not saying you can’t find a bargain or a good sale , but be careful and ask question. You may want to go with a hand-scraped distressed hardwood. These floors are very durable and can take some punishment. A good one can be purchased for $4.00-$5.00 sq ft. They do have higher end hand-scraped wood, but you will be very happy finding one in this range. These hand-scraped hardwoods are still engineered and have the same layers. They just have the wear layer gouged and etched to give a truly unique look. Most of these floors have a mat finish. This means it is not shiny. They usually match well with your kitchen cabinets and existing ceramic tile. Which ever way you go we can find the perfect hardwood floor for you.

Now if you want ceramic tile or stone tile we can find which is best for you. Tile and stone a virtually indestructible. Not to say you can’t break one but it is very hard. If you do break on we can take it out and replace it with a new one. Same holds true for hardwood flooring. Now if you have a child that likes to ride their bike or skateboard in the house ceramic tile is right for you. Again as with all flooring there are many types and styles to choose from. Also many different sizes of tile. The best thing to do with tile is to narrow your search down to a few tiles. Then bring those samples to your home and see how they look with all the other things in the house. You know furniture, walls, existing floors , and even the lighting you have. Also if you have an old floor down we can rip that one out. I always try to make remodels in a house as convenient as possible.

You may also like to go with a laminate floor.     The flooring industry has gone to great lengths to make laminate more than just imitation hardwood. Reputable companies like Mohawk, Armstrong, Pergo, and Shaw have given laminate flooring the look and feel of a true hardwood, while still maintaining its durability. It’s becoming more popular with not only the budget minded shopper, but those who demand aesthetic appeal and design along with the comfort of knowing their floor is safe to be lived on.

So if you have had it with your old flooring or carpet . Or if allergies are getting worse. Give me a call (904)891-8340 or visit my website : http://www.theflooringcraftsman.com    I am available in Jacksonville Florida and surrounding areas.


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Today hand scraped hardwood flooring is becoming extremely popular in Jacksonville Florida homes and other homes around the country,

as well as in some commercial properties. Although this type of flooring has only recently become fashionable it has been around for many centuries.

Certainly before the invention of modern sanding techniques all floors where hand scraped at the location where they were to be installed to ensure that the floor would be flat and even. However today this method is used instead to provide texture, richness as well as a unique look and feel to the flooring.

Although manufacturers have produced machines which can provide a scraped look to their flooring it looks cheap compared to the real thing. Unfortunately the main problem with using a machine to scrape the flooring is that it provides a uniform look to the pattern of the wood. Because of this it lacks the natural feel that you would see with a floor which has been scraped by hand.

When done by hand, scraping creates a truly unique look to the floor. However the actual look and feel of each floor will vary as it depends on the skills of the person actually carrying out the work. If there is no control in place whilst the work is being carried out this can result in disastrous look to the finished product.

Many manufacturers who actually provide hand scraped hardwood flooring will either just dent, scoop or rough the floor up. But others will use sanding techniques in order to create a worn and uneven look to the flooring. The more professional teams will scrape the entire surface of the wood in order to create the unique hand made look for their customers.

Many companies will allow their customers to choose what type of scraping takes place on their wood. They can choose between light, medium and heavy. The companies who are really good at hand scraping will be able give the hardwood floor a reclaimed look by including wormholes, splits and other naturally-occurring features within the wood.

If you decide that you want the Hand-Scraped look you can find some high quality floors as low as $4.99 sq ft. Visit our website http://www.theflooringcraftsman.com

Or call (904)891-8340

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This is a video of a ceramic floor I did in Ponte Vedra Beach , Florida. I removed the old carpet and installed a beautiful new tile floor. The tile goes through out the whole house. I removed some old tile from the kitchen and laundry room. What a good way to start off the New Year.

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   There are many different types and styles of  hardwood flooring. Each has its own way of making your home even more beautiful.  Whether you want to get rid of that old carpet or just feel its time for a change the right type of hardwood will do the trick. Most of the homes I do in Jacksonville Florida  are on concrete sub-floors. It is recommended that an engineered hardwood be used on concrete ,which are adhered to the floor with high quality adhesives. Make sure you are getting a good quality adhesive. There are many different types of engineered hardwoods flooring. One of my favorite is hand-scraped hardwood floors. The distinct sculpted appearance of hand scraped hardwood flooring is one of timeless beauty. You can also chose bamboo flooring. That seems to be very popular at this time. The one I install most has a carbonized finish which makes it very strong and durable. The floor shown in the video is an engineered tiger wood hardwood floor. It is a distressed floor that adds quite a bit of beauty to this home .  Thanks for stopping by my blog. Check out my website for even more ideas.   http://www.theflooringcraftsman.com

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These are hardwood floors installed in the Jacksonville Florida area and surrounding cities. Lots of them are on Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra Beach. When you live close to the ocean it’s a good idea to get rid of the old carpet and replace it with new hardwood or ceramic tile. I think carpet has a nice warm feel in bedrooms, but in common areas a hard surface is much better. Call today 904-891-8340.  I will come out and give free estimates. I can also give you free ideas if you need some help deciding. Visit my website http://www.theflooringcraftsman.com

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These are some shots of more floors around the Jacksonville Florida area. Its time for you to get rid of those old floors in time for the holidays. Discounts available. Free estimates. Call today 904-891-8340


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There is a special multi-step process to fix this... Professional Stucco Cutting for Moisture permeation prevention is a must!"

No, Termites aren’t officially the “State Bug”. But if you needed a reminder… THIS is it. Termites are one of Florida Homeowner’s worst nightmares. The weather is cooling off now, termites are getting all snuggly warm in our walls and eating away. When it gets warm again we will see them swarming looking for another landing place to call home and multiply… don’t let them in when they come knocking!

I was at a WDO & Home Inspection today, in the lovely World Golf Village in beautiful St. Augustine. While I was waiting for the inspectors to finish their jobs, I was noticing the stucco mess on the house next door. There were “settling cracks” all over that wall. And it was a two story, so the wall was gigantic. It made me think. So I asked the WDO Inspector, Todd, what his thoughts were on all those cracks we see on all stucco homes. Our chat moved from not just those kinds of cracks, but the cracks you see in foundations, chimneys, any kind of siding, and even driveways.

And he reminded me… like I am reminding you… Termites are looking for moisture, warmth & food. If there is a crack that can lead them to food (wood), then they will follow that crack as far as it will take them. Cracks in walls & around windows get hit by rain, sprinklers, humidity… cracks in foundations let the termites come up under your carpet and track to the nearest two by four or hard wood floor panel. Do you see where I’m going with this? Termites WILL find a way into your home. You HAVE to take the time to inspect the outside and inside of your home for holes and cracks. PLUS, you have to take the time and expense and get a qualified professional Pest Company to treat and inspect your home once a year to make sure your most valuable asset isn’t being eaten right out from under you.

Doesn't matter the material... if there's a crack, the weather and the termites can get it

So, PLEASE… make sure your sprinklers aren’t hitting the house, all cracks and holes on the exterior of your house are caulked, and occassionally walk the perimeter of your home to check for any kind of siding and window trim damage. (OH! Windows! Another topic for you soon!) But most of all… make the call for a professional pest control company to come and inspect properly and to treat your property once a year. It will prove to be a massive investment in your Investment. Trust me. I know… Personally and Professionally.

This was written by : Cindi Benton


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